uPVC Plumbing Pipe-thumnail

uPVC Plumbing Pipe

  • Building Construction: These pipes are useful to provide water connections for Bathrooms, Kitchen Sinks, Washbasin & Laboratories.
  • Potable Water Supply: It can be used in Complexes, Individual Houses, Flats, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Bus Stations, Railway Stations & Airports.
  • Industrial Application: Distribution of Water in Industries, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Irrigation & Projects etc.
  • Internal surface finish of these pipes are smooth which helps to reduce friction losses
  • Safe for pure & hygienic water supply
  • Special coloured line marking to identify right product.
  • Special BSP Threads to prevent leakage with GI fitting.
  • Size 15mm (0.5”) to 100mm (4”) (Available in SCH-40, SCH- 80 & SCH-120)
  • Standards & Specification followed:
    1. ASTM-D-1784-Standard Specification for right PVC compounds
    2. ASTM-D-1785-unplasticized-PVC Pipe-SCH40, SCH-80 & SCH-120
    3. ASTM-D-2467-unplasticized – PVC Pipe fitting SCH-80
  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • Non Toxic
  • Weather Resistance
  • Easy to Installation
  • Fire Proof & Termite Proof
  • Good Thermal & Electrical Insulation
  • Inert to Chemical



Packing Details (Nos. of Pipes/Bundle)